Poetry By On August 12, 2020

With Every Lie

What were you thinking? It seems like you weren’t thinking at all but I’m going to make you think really hard now. Did you feel my heart breaking with every lie?  Did you feel our future slipping away with every betrayal? How could you do this to someone you love? Was it worth it? Did you get the satisfaction you…

Poetry By On August 10, 2020

How Good You Have It

You’ve found heaven in my arms True love in my eyes Undying passion on my lips But it all goes unnoticed.   Baby, I could have loved you forever but you’re showing me you don’t deserve it.   I make sure I look good for you Help you unwind after a long day Try to put some of your weight…

Poetry By On August 7, 2020

Trust Fall

Are you pulling away or is it all in my head? Are you acting shady or is my sight tinted? The trust fell off the mantle  and I’m still examining the broken pieces on the floor I see my doubt in the reflection of the glass.   -June 2018

Poetry By On August 5, 2020

A Rusting Necklace

I still have your heart around my neck But will I have it for long? Has my shininess worn off yet? Are you tired of me now? Do I bore or annoy you? Have your eyes began to wander? See all I can think of are the ways this won’t work out.   -June 2018

Poetry By On August 3, 2020


I know you love me But will that be enough to sustain you? I’m wondering if im doing enough to keep you satisfied I know you’ve been entertaining ideas in your head But tell me, am I the only one you’ll let in your bed?   – June 2018

Poetry By On July 31, 2020

Would You Tell Me?

It’s so easy to fall back in love with you Would you tell me if I was making a mistake  Try to save me from another heartbreak? You want attention from every direction. If that’s the case, I can handle the rejection.     -June 2018

Dating Blog By On July 29, 2020

How to get over someone

Getting over someone is tough. There’s no right way to do it but we tend to beat ourselves up over it anyway. Here are some ideas that could help you move on after heartbreak. And we all know getting over someone you never actually dated is the hardest so I hope this helps there!   1. Stop talking to them…

Poetry By On July 27, 2020

Not the One

I wish we didn’t connect the way we do It would be so much easier letting you go. Caring and sweet, we’re good for each other. But you know I’m not the one for you and a piece of my heart breaks off in the distance.   -May 2020

Poetry By On July 24, 2020


The rain gently falls and I wonder if it helps lull you to sleep. I remember things you told me from 3 years ago But I’m wondering  if you’re still the same person now. The thunder cracks and I realize  I’m wrong about you again  

Dating Blog By On July 22, 2020

July Playlist – Want You Back

  1.Come Back Song (2010) Darius Rucker starts off with a clever analogy of his morning coffee and the end of his relationship. He’s willing to admit he was wrong for ending the relationship and that she is doing well without him. The night seems to hit the hardest, missing her as he tries to fall asleep alone. He hopes…