You come across a wide array of profiles after you’ve been on a few dating apps. You can have cute job offers, unique relationship dynamics, and the classic unfunny, conceited guy.

A profile that was too interesting to just swipe past showed up on my feed one day. I decided to message him and learn more about his story. Unfortunately, the ending was a bit more cynical than I foresaw.

I got a good laugh out of Mr. Egg’s comments, I can’t help but appreciate the honesty and self awareness. And the ‘worse’ he’s referring to would be guys like Jared. I could write a whole post on Shirtless Jared. I know it’s an extremely lengthy conversation so I appreciate all readers taking the time to read our entire exchange. He goes from wanting to hang out and hoping I’m sexually liberal to then shaming that exact hope upon rejection! Because if a girl rejects you then obviously she’s a slut and you must tell her so! (Such sound logic you boys have)

Lastly, we have two celebrities! You gotta state what ever fame you got! (It’s unverified if Chris is actually on a Teen Mom episode but it’s a clever pick up line nevertheless). A+ on originally from both these accounts! SharkBoy is my personal favorite though, props to you.