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I haven’t done a Follow Friday in a while and I’ve recently seen some new followers so comment a link to your blog below and a little blurb on what you write about!

And a fun something about yourself, like your favorite date idea/activity? 🙂


Leave your social media links too if you want!




17 thoughts on “Follow Friday!”

    Hi I’m Misfit Vinegaroon and I blog about a few different things. I guess my main focus is on my experiences with psychedelic drugs and the role they can play in people’s lives but I also blog about my experiences while travelling the world!
    I’ll also be posting about my experience of being raised in a cult when I get chance to write it all down. Hope you and others get the chance to read my Blog, I’m always interested to hear about other peoples experiences!

  2. This is interesting. I love it.
    Over at my blog i write about my personal experiences in a positive light and share my opinion on topics that interest me, go check it out yourself before i start blabbing –
    You can also follow me on instagram (askmaryjob), facebook (askmaryjob) and twitter (maryojob)

  3. I might as well get the ball rolling!

    My name is Paul and you can catch my blog at It’s a mixture of fiction and non-fiction work of varying styles and subjects. Be sure to check out my Living the Dream series and my long running stories, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story and Find Me a Find. All links to my social media account are available on my blog. I always follow back 🙂

    I’m an English atheist existentialist author, blogger, and bedroom DJ hailing from a town seven-ish miles from Manchester. I recently discovered my political stance is libertarian swinging slightly left, not that I actually vote or ever will! I’m father to a very handsome (and slightly mental) two year old boy. My favourite date, as boring as it sounds, is a simple sit down at a pub or bar. It’s the best way, I feel, for some one-to-one interaction and the alcohol helps to ease the tension and loosen the lips.

  4. Hey I’m Chibueze. On my two days old blog, I vary in my writing, I write about different things…most of my posts are really inspiring
    Please check it out

  5. We already follow one another I believe (except maybe not on insta which is @emilykrings) but I love your blog and I figured I’d drop a fun date idea (and you may have just inspired me to write a fun date blog post!)
    My favorite date is allwwaaaayyyss when my boyfriend and I go grocery shopping together then cook together and obviously eat together then watch movies! Obviously this would be a regular thing if you live together but we go to school 3 hours apart so having on of our parents houses too ourselves is a rare occasion!

    1. Just followed you on insta lol. If you do write that post, let me know! (Ive considered a date ideas post, but maybe I’ll get to writing it next year lol).

      That is The Cutest date !! (I’m sure married couples are like ew absolutely not, get me away from this person for 5 minutes lmao) The rare occasion of it definitely makes it special, and as bf/gf its a cute way to play house and imagine the future. Although I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend the other weekend and had to take a nap afterwards… (am I shopping wrong? lmao )

  6. Hi friends!

    I’m Paige, the face behind The Pages of Paige ( I write a blog that speaks to surviving adulthood in your twenties! I write about tips, tricks, and experiences of adulting 🙂 give me a follow on Instagram @thepagesofpaige_ and a like on my Facebook page @thepagesofpaige (Wow that’s a lot of “pages”! Phew!)

    I look forward to meeting you!

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