Your House

I used to pass by your house

praying that you weren’t home

but hoping for a little piece of you.

It’s been months and I had forgotten all about that route

I know we wouldn’t have worked out anyway

and nothing’s changed now

but I just want to see that front door one more time

-April 2017

2 thoughts on “Your House”

  1. Poems like this know how to invoke a sense of regret, nostalgia, and bad memories all at once. It’s like daggers – daggers on fire striking at the heart. A fiery sensation of a lost love. A love missed out on, ignored, or skipped, but we crave it for the good times…that’s the message I gather from this poem. Sh*t, hit me personally.
    Well done, miss debatablydateable.

  2. Yes definitely a deep river of regret and nostalgia here. You speak so beautifully, I think you may have your own version of this poem wanting to be written. A love that never truly was is always the hardest to get over isn’t it? Thank you kindly good sir:)

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