How to Become Heartless

She’s as beautiful as marble now

and just as cold.

She used to be soft and fragile

giving out pieces of her heart

to anyone who needed it more than she.

They were starving with greed

and she was just so sweet.

She never got any love back

just broken promises and busted lips.

I think she knew what she was doing when she gave that last piece away.

She wanted to stop the hurting

and become as strong as stone.

Her bleeding heart no longer beats

and she’ll cut you down if you ever mourn

that innocent girl she used to be.

-June 2017

9 thoughts on “How to Become Heartless”

  1. Ooo! This is such a moving and tragic piece but beautiful even still!! This was a very heartfelt journey to her final state. One can only hope that the future will change for her?? Do we get a sequel on this??? Please!

    Thanks for visiting my site! I will look forward to following your posts!

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