Everything You are Makes You Perfectly You

I don’t need you to have the smallest waist

There’s not a single part of you I would ever want erased.

It’s perfectly fine that your curves don’t look like hers.

Don’t go worrying about where my eyes are looking

I’d love you even if I was blind

There’s no need to be self conscious

when you speak your mind.

Smart and funny, you’re the whole package honey.

Caring and sweet, you make my heart skip a beat.

Everything about you makes me want to stay

And I wouldn’t want to love you any other way.


-May 2018


2 thoughts on “Everything You are Makes You Perfectly You”

  1. What a talented moving writer you are. You capture the true sentiments of what love is. There would always other mounds of flesh more beautifully arranged than the body of the one you love but that doesn’t matter. Those others don’t matter as you’ve found your true love, and you’re committed to love

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