If you’re in a long term relationship, you’ve become very comfortable with your partner and the things you did in the beginning of the relationship to win them over might have been forgotten. Here are some easy romantic gestures you can start bringing into the relationship again to show your love


It’s the little things  

  • flowers just because
  • a little love note slipped into their work bag or coat pocket
  • making them coffee some mornings



  • cuddle on the couch,
  • massages after a long work day
  • candles in the bedroom on occasion



  • little gift because i was thinking of you or i know they’re your favorite treat.
  • Nice planned for the two of you dinner
  • little unplanned adventure like a stroll in the park or sitting on the docks as the boats pass by


Help out

  • pack a lunch for them
  • do the dishes if they’re having a busy week
  • Wash their car for them


Show them off a little

  • tell family and friends about their accomplishments
  • hold his hand or put her arm around her
  • a quick peck across the dinner table


Look out for them  

  • Walk her to her car at night
  • text that you got home safe
  • make sure they have an umbrella for the weather


Alone time

  • Plan a little weekend getaway
  • Find a quiet moment during a family party
  • Cook for them at home instead of a crowded restaurant