Every year I do a series along with my dating articles and poems. The first year was Love Fest when I reblogged love related articles. This past year was the monthly advice column and my 2019 series is…….



As a poet trying to find exposure myself, I completely understand the hardships these poets face trying to share the news of their latest works. I’d like to offer them an opportunity and my support through this series.

I’d like to ask questions specific to your collection so sending an ARC, PDF, or instagram account of your poetry would be extra fun! I will ask you 4 questions and you are able to ask (and answer) 4 questions of your own incase I’ve missed a topic you wish to tell readers about.

If you are or know a poet that would like to interview, please contact me!

Twitter / Instagram / Contact Page

Email: ddateable@gmail.com

Poets with published works will receive priority but if I receive a lot of responses, I will schedule the interviews accordingly (bimonthly/week, etc) to fit as many poets as possible over the year.  


Thanks Everyone and Happy New Year!