Please Don’t

If I’m not the only one who wants to kiss you in the rain

then please don’t ask me to stay.

If I’m not the only one who thought about you today

then please don’t come out and take me away.

No matter how things start, they will always end.



5 thoughts on “Please Don’t”

  1. I’m at a loss for words. My apologies for what may become a bit of a rant – I’ve been in a difficult mood thus far today and I don’t know that reading poetry is what I need. But oh! The emotion packed into these fives line is incredible. I’ve met a surprising number of poly-amorous people in the past several months, and they have all challenged my ideas on monogamy and “faithfulness” to a single partner.

    There’s too much love out there in the world to only let yourself love one person, they say. Don’t let love pass you by simply because you already have love in your life. I get it, in a way, given my peculiar life circumstances, but there is a difference between being beholden to a single person and being wholly dedicated to them.

    The question I’m trying to sort is this: Is that difference important? My current partner is poly and we’ve been long-distance for a few months now. I told her I’m okay with her taking another partner if she needs, because that’s a part of who she is. But she is also encouraging me to be open to a similar possibility. It’s a strange thought, but I must admit the loneliness is difficult.

    But then I read works like these and I remember that this isn’t how most people operate; Most people find a special someone and wish not to dilute the bond they share by allowing their love to be distracted by other people.

    Is love a zero-sum game? Does a single person only have so much to give? If we love more than one person at a time, are we splitting our love between them? Well, I don’t know the answers. I just know I miss my sweet sun drop.

    I do hope I haven’t pondered you into a stupor as I have nearly done to myself. I will leave things here for now.

    Cheers, love.
    ~ Adeline

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