Heartbreak’s road map

As I lay here in my bed

I rethink every word you ever said

Trying to see where I fell for you

Where I lost you

And where my heart broke in two

What’s the use in giving you my heart

if you don’t even notice when were apart?



7 thoughts on “Heartbreak’s road map”

  1. Some things never change. You’ve captured the timeless destitute that results from love gone wrong throughout the ages. I’m 56 and I still can recall those moments described in your words. Beautiful work.

  2. I don’t have any personal experience with heartbreak born from the loss of reciprocated love, but I have seen it and through my (damningly overwhelming) sense of empathy, I have felt it through observing others.

    I am stunned by the power contained in so few written words. It makes me wonder why my poetry is often several pages long. Am I being longwinded or is it truly necessary for the narrative of my stories told in verse?

    This poem is a story all its own, and it needs precious little space to unfurl. Truly remarkable.

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