SoSS #2: 06/07/2019 — Jupiter’s Lair

Another week, and another SoSSpost. I’ve been a bit slow on catching up on my reading this week, but with such fantastic work being posted, I’ve still had plenty of material for this, my second SoSS. Last Sunday saw the final day of Every Damn Day in June. Well done to everyone who took part; […]

Check out which poem of mine is mentioned in this post via SoSS #2: 06/07/2019 — Jupiter’s Lair

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  1. Hello💌I’m sorry for being annoying and I feel embarrassed because I promote myself but I have posted my first blog ever and I know nobody is going to be interested in it anyway but I stilll want you to check it and follow me if you want to read the next one🙏🏻 I swear I have experienced so much and I really want to share it with group of people who actually cares💌

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