Love comes quick and leaves even faster

You keep yelling at me to stop walking away

Well babe who do you think I learned it from?

You always called it quits when things started to get hard.

You had your chance

but everything happened so fast.


7 thoughts on “Love comes quick and leaves even faster”

  1. As Shakespeare wrote in the similar words, though I cannot seem to remember their exactness: “The young lovers will rouse themselves to love into a spark, that will burn quickly like a great inferno, until the next second, when it dies into cold embers.”

    Love is not the same as lust. Lust is what is understood by the immature and a person who cannot fathom loyalty.

    Wanna know something? The Earth holds the North and South pole, right? A woman should have her “North” conquered, her eyes fallen into, her mind prodded, and her lips kissed, before her “South” is conquered. After then, when her “South” or “South Pole” is conquered, all of Antarctica melts.

    I say this, because people today have reversed the order. I believe when the continents shifted away from being together, over 250 million years go, Nature had it in her mind to introduce the human who could utilize reason, could create a mistake… She had moved Antarctica to the furthest South of the Earth, so a woman would be represented as someone who stands, has lips (a “North”) and has a “South”, so a man could decide what mistake or correct choice he’d make.

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