So I’ll Let You Go

You should have showed up

But you only want me when I’m leaving.

The distance between us

is greater than the feelings

I’m grieving for you.


-May 2019


18 thoughts on “So I’ll Let You Go”

  1. I have experienced this. It feels good to feel and actually be able to say something this to someone who could only realize our value when we have our foot out the door, but not before that!

      1. And we should show them how wrong they are! Sometimes it’s difficult to have, or regain, that control, but we must do it. They can only take us for granted for as long as we allow them. It’s something I learned in the past and I am relearning again.

  2. There are people who cannot seem to commit to a relationship, and yet cannot bear to see the other person leave. It sounds like you encountered one of those.

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