Six Years

Is it fate or foolishness?

Are you meant to be in my head

Or am I just too weak to push you out?

Are you what could have been 

Or what should never be?

You think after six years, 

I could finally figure it out



18 thoughts on “Six Years”

  1. love this! this is like an on-going thing for me too. wanting to move on but don’t really know how because i still think there’s tiny little chance that this could be something, but it also feels like a waste of time to even think about that tiny little chance. You put this in words beautifully.

    1. omggg I relate so much to this. That’s exactly it! I find tiny hope by most likely reading too much into something just because that’s what I want to see.

      1. Exactly! I was so scared reading too much into things and so scared that if I acted on it, I would lose what I had. Now that I didn’t act on it and got over it, I still lost what I had. I’m trying to do whatever I really want now. lesson learned.

      1. Absolutely! We are still best friends though and I love him, but I now know without a doubt that starting a romantic relationship with him would be like forcing myself to lift a huge rock and hit myself with it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And I tell him that. 😉

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