Do You Want Me or Not?

You say you don’t need me

as you reach out for my hand.

You try to leave me

as you post pictures 

Desperate for my eyes to see.


We each take turns posting Green lights

at the edge of Gatsby’s dock. 

We never say what we mean

afraid that darkness might be the only response.


-Sept 2019

5 thoughts on “Do You Want Me or Not?”

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for following my poems for so long, I get a little kick each time you like one of the posts. I like your stuff too, it’s really honest, which is something I can struggle with. Hope life is treating you well. Yours, Adam.

  2. Intriguing, especially how you echo the situation with the line about green lights and Gatsby’s dock. I go from the posting scene to the picture of the dock you create.

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