The 7 Dating Bios You Hate to See but Know You Will

7 Dating Bios that just tend to rub you the wrong way.


The Self Pity Bio:

This is the guy who is projecting his negativity into reality. He’s desperate and he already has a chip on his shoulder that you’ll reject him just like the others.

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The Straight Up Strange Bio:

These bios vary in what makes them strange but there is no doubt of just how bizarre they are. They’re a special breed of daters who will find a perfect strange match and live happily ever after.

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The Over Confident Bio:

Each aspect of this bio is a challenge to a girl. If things are going well then you have to prove to him that you two would be great in a relationship together. Alternatively, you may be of like mind and enter some type of casual/ open relationship or whatever situation suits you both.

The next challenge is proving your worth and why you would be a positive addition to his life. The last tidbit dares you to be fun/adventurous, a risk taker. He thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and that’s exactly how you know isn’t worth a minute of your time.

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The Guy who Negs:

These bios are always so annoying to me. You don’t even know the girl and you’re already trying to make fun of her. Again, the girl is challenged to show she’s ‘not the same as all the other girls’. Negging is when you’re negative to someone in order to make them feel like they need your approval. Like a backhanded compliment.

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The Guy who’s embarrassed to be here:

This one has kind of always bugged me too. I mean I’m also on this site that you happen to be so embarrassed of so what must you be thinking of me? You kind of get the impression that he cares a lot about what people think.

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The Sexual Bio:

These profiles are usually very obvious, they don’t have any pictures of themselves and their bios are very descriptive in what type of sexual experience/ relationship they’re looking for.

This example I have here though is much more subtle, just randomly throwing in that ‘Dominant’ bit. You might even miss it the first time through and then you get to chatting and within a couple of hours his mind has moved to the bedroom and he’s asking all types of questions about what you like there. In reality though, you just have a regular guy with an inflated ego and who’s been horny for too long. The actual ‘dominant’ ones are those obvious profiles I mentioned above.

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Worst of All, The Predator:

This one will freak any girl out. He knows girls 15 years younger than him aren’t interested but he’s trying to put himself in front of them anyway.

Also, say for example a girl in her late 20s is interested in someone in their 40s, she would set her preferences to 35-45 years and he wouldn’t even be there because he’s too busy preying on girls that are looking for a more balanced relationship with someone their own age!

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14 thoughts on “The 7 Dating Bios You Hate to See but Know You Will”

  1. Haha! I love reading other people’s dating profiles. Full disclosure, I was totally the self-pity guy when I was in my early 20’s. Can’t really say it works. The main problem with online dating is evidenced by the fact that you covered pretty much every personality type in your post: online dating simply doesn’t work. Yes, if you stick through it for possibly years and go on dozens of depressing, dead-end dates, you might get lucky and find someone tolerable, but most of us won’t.

      1. Let me rephrase that. The whole concept of having to sell oneself to someone who scrolls through hundreds of people trying to get an idea of whether or not they would be good matches, of being able to decide in a few minutes of reading a bio whether or not meeting this person is worth one’s time, and expecting to be able to get to know this person after meeting for only an hour, and either hopping into bed with them a few days later or never talking to them again, rubs me the wrong way.

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