The Type of Girl

She’s the type of girl you still think about six months later

after she’s fought for you

after you cancel on her for the fifth time

after you’ve taken her for granted.

when you can’t find anyone else who wants to take care of you

when no one cares to hear about that song you dance to in the car

when you can’t find anyone else to stand up as your advocate as you tear yourself down.

She’s the type of girl you never thought would leave

so you treated her that way and funny enough that’s the reason she left.

And now your sorry ass can’t stop thinking of way to get her back.

4 thoughts on “The Type of Girl”

  1. You treat any person with disrespect, they will leave and go find someone that does respect them. This person does not deserve her, she deserves better then him. I enjoyed this post. Great job – thought provoking.

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