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Blogger By On May 12, 2019

Social Sunday

Summer is nearly here !! You might have done some spring cleaning with your blog and socials clearing out inactive accounts. Now it’s time to find new engaging content by sharing your links! Please leave any and all social links in the comments and check other comments to connect with other bloggers!   If you haven’t already please consider preordering…

Poetry By On May 10, 2019

Words Wasted

I already know what you’re going to say and we already know how this scene is going to play. This heart of mine is not yours for the taking.   -2012

Poetry By On May 8, 2019

My Heart is Racing

All your promises were broken. All your words became lies. I guess it was all about the chase. I didn’t know our hearts were in a race.     -2012

Blogger By On May 6, 2019

how to come up with a Book marketing strategy

Marketing your book is tough business and your book’s success depends on your ability to get it right. I’m going to tell you how to implement a book marketing strategy using the 5 month timeline of my book release. Just a heads up, most research would suggest marketing 12-6 months out.   Beta Readers / Marketing Research Early february –…

Poetry By On May 1, 2019

Sleeping Beauty

So I’ll hold your hand tonight but the truth is, this isn’t feeling right. I’ll still kiss your cheek It’s too bad your hold was too weak. I can feel the rain here, the storm must be near. Sorry but our love has gone stale I already woke up from this fairytale.

Poetry By On April 29, 2019

But Here We Are

You weren’t supposed to love me. I wasn’t supposed to care You weren’t supposed to hold me I wasn’t supposed to be wishing you were here. You weren’t supposed to break me down I wasn’t supposed to let you in But here we are and I never want to be anywhere else.     -2012  

Blogger / Poetry By On April 26, 2019

Interview with Poet Catarine Hancock – Installment 4

Catarine Hancock is the 19 year old poet of 3 poetry collections with her newest out just this month! Love and feminism heavily influence her work in all formats and lengths. When not writing, Catarine is a student and opera singer – let’s get to meeting her! It is so inspiring that you have THREE published collections and you’re not…

Poetry By On April 22, 2019

No One was You

I ended up with a boy who threw rocks at my window And next came a singer who wrote songs about me. somewhere in the middle came, a knight to save me and I even had a lover to hold me But I never got what I needed because… I need someone to hold me close at night Someone to…