Poetry By On October 28, 2020


I break my heart for you so I can give it to you in pieces  when you’re feeling low. Don’t overthink as I kiss your scars Know that I love you as you are.     -May 2020

Poetry By On October 26, 2020

Take More

Its always worse at night baby Always hate to be apart baby Wish you would be mine baby Wish you would take more  than just my time baby.   -May 2020

Poetry By On October 23, 2020

At a close distance

Do you think about me  when you can’t sleep at night? Does looking at my pictures  help you feel close enough As you keep your distance? I know you won’t love me  but I wish you would.   -July 2020

Poetry By On October 19, 2020

Stunted Growth

I gave you far more credit than you deserved You’re just a boy too scared to move. It’s been this way since you were 17 No more complicated than a boy who didn’t get along with his father but refuses to grow in his own space.   -July 2020

Poetry By On October 16, 2020

Feel me in your home

I think about you all the time Wondering if you’ll ever let me Call you mine. I want to make memories in your home I want you to think of me when you’re all alone.   -June 2020

Poetry By On October 14, 2020


I’m waiting on a text that doesn’t come You ask me to stay longer in your warm bed  Than you’re ice cold by next week. You hover on the out skirts of my life Not sure if you really want to leave But refusing to come any closer. Just a ghost haunting me  Instead of coming into the light.  …

Poetry By On October 12, 2020


I didn’t sleep at all last night. I couldn’t stand to sleep beside you when you’ve hurt me so carelessly and cruelly. How could you do this to me baby? How could you break off  a piece of my heart like this? Has it all been a lie now or just the past three months?   -July 2018

Poetry By On October 9, 2020

New Man

Life was taken from me  and it turned into a hollow man But you’re breathing life back into me babe Because of you I can finally chisel away  at this chip on my shoulder.     -Oct 2019

Poetry By On October 5, 2020

Fire Away

Well I’m getting on without you, baby Even though I still miss you, baby Men call me beautiful  and I call them back. But no matter how I try I’m still thinking of you  at the end of the day. Hoping you’ll give us another shot.  

Poetry By On October 2, 2020

Just Stay

We don’t have to think about tomorrow  Or our past Just stay here with me And feel my arms around you Just take what you need in this moment   -May 2020