Poetry By On April 6, 2018

Cracked Open – Release Date 2 Weeks Away

My Debut Poetry Collection CRACKED OPEN will be available April 20th!! Full with new illustrations and 20 never before seen poems! Here is a sneak peak! Link coming soon so you can order your copy!   Table of Contents for Cracked Open and Chapter 1 Title.   First Poem in Chapter 4.   One of the new illustrations scattered throughout…

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I know you can feel my frustration in the distance Don’t worry though, I could never get too far from you My love for you still holds true I just need a little room to think

Dating Blog By On April 3, 2018

Spring Date Ideas

With Spring here it’s time for some fun dates with your significant other! Here are some ways you can fall in love with that warm sun again. Decorating Easter eggs – You can only do this once a year so you might as well live a little! No need for talent, just have fun and the pretty colors will do…

Poetry By On March 26, 2018

No Quick Fix

Sometimes I feel so weak and small Like I’m hard to deal with and the baggage I carry is too much to haul. My insecurities create issues plummeting through the open sky and all i ever do is cry. Is your love big enough to carry me when I’m like this I’m no quick fix, can’t just wish it all…

Dating Blog By On March 22, 2018

March Advice Column

Dear Dateable, What makes for good first date conversation aside from the usual work/school/family prattle? DD:You want to keep a first date light and although talking about tv show and movies may seem silly you can learn a lot about a person’s immaturity level and sense of humor by what they put on their screens. You can also find common…

Poetry By On March 20, 2018

Winning the War

I never meant to hurt you by the things i can’t undo But You can’t keep punishing me for the things I did before i met you It breaks my heart to know I’ve been breaking yours like glass I don’t care about those in my past I’ll forget it all if that’s what makes you happy There is no…

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March Advice Column

The next advice column will be out next month so make sure to tune in and see if I’m getting this dating thing down right. Want your questions answered?! Ask them here and your question could be featured next month!!  

Poetry By On March 13, 2018

Big Announcement!

I’m SUPERRRRRR excited to be telling you all that I’m working on my FIRST PUBLISHED POETRY COLLECTION!!! It’s something I’ve been contemplating for many months and finally in January I decided I was going to actually go for it this time! I love poetry but I never expected I’d be on this path so you’re all surprised as I am. I’m…

Poetry By On March 9, 2018


I’m obsessed with you even though i shouldn’t be I want to know everything thing you’ve ever said and did I want to be you singing along with him like you’re the only two at that concert Feeling him move as the jazz music rises later that night Tell me, are you jealous of me too? The sole commitment to…

Poetry By On March 5, 2018


I try to think of things i have that you don’t but you have ocean strolls and trips upstate. You’ve met the family and had baseball dates. There’s not much I’ve done that you haven’t. You two like the same shows and music, i guess that’s why you stayed so long So tell me where did it go wrong? Do…