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Poetry By On August 27, 2018

The Strongest Woman I’ve Ever Loved

I know you’re hurting now, love. You’ve been the sole warrior Fighting against an army of thousands. We’re here beside you And we will carry you When it is time. You’ve given it your all Just let us know, darling When you’re ready to rest your head.  

Poetry By On September 26, 2017

How to Become Heartless

She’s as beautiful as marble now and just as cold. She used to be soft and fragile giving out pieces of her heart to anyone who needed it more than she. They were starving with greed and she was just so sweet. She never got any love back just broken promises and busted lips. I think she knew what she…

Poetry By On August 26, 2017

Ramblings to Bleu

And I wonder if you think about me if you wrote about me if you’ve moved on I wonder what you told your sister about us and what she thinks about me now that its over You have a beautiful mind and I saw it again today. Would you have been too much for me if you had let us…