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Dating Blog By On July 10, 2019

Second Dates Are Harder Than First Dates

First dates are absolutely terrible. You spend days getting to know someone and planning a date and then hours getting ready for said date. Then you waste even more hours on the actual date with a person you’re not even really sure if you like. A lesson I eventually learned was saying No to people I wasn’t 100% excited to…

Dating Blog By On March 11, 2017

Judgments Whether You Like it or Not

So this profile had messaged me on OkCupid. We chatted for a little and then he offers his number suggesting to grab coffee sometime. It’s at this point I’ll mention that he only had one picture.. of his abs. And his profile had a total of 12 words. Oh and his location was 10 hours away! The complete lack of effort…

Dating Blog By On January 26, 2017

When to Say No

I have been on quite a few dates over the years. There is a debate about when to say No to a date/guy. Should you say yes to every guy? Give a fair chance to everyone? Will it burn you out to always be saying Yes? When is the time to say No? I mentioned before being nudged into a…