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Dating Blog By On July 10, 2019

Second Dates Are Harder Than First Dates

First dates are absolutely terrible. You spend days getting to know someone and planning a date and then hours getting ready for said date. Then you waste even more hours on the actual date with a person you’re not even really sure if you like. A lesson I eventually learned was saying No to people I wasn’t 100% excited to…

Poetry By On December 14, 2017

Comfort zone

I’m a creature of comfort Not the type to stray far from what she knows. You’ve gently held my shell open so I can step outside and see all the wonders around me. You take my hand with a teasing smile as you propel me right to the edge of security. You remind my aged soul of younger days With…

Dating Blog By On November 1, 2016

Comfort in the Distance

So I’ve mentioned Stubborn before and I can definitely agree to telling any girl that if a guy doesn’t put in the effort to take you on dates then he’s not into you and you gotta forget him. People rarely take their own advice though. I’m comfortable where I am with Stubborn. You know in kindergarten when you’re learning about personal…

Poetry By On October 25, 2016

Back When

But the light hazes in this boundless bedroom and all I see is clingy, itchy ivy entrapping my wrist like regret imprisons my thoughts. I can’t take back this one night but still I pinch my eyes closed again back to the darkness.   Back when a dark haired man seemed like a good idea. Back when I felt brave…

Poetry By On October 13, 2016


When I was young I dreamed of reaching the moon and I dreamed of saving the world. I dreamed of becoming the best me I could be but chasing dreams is harder than it seems because disappointment and doubt appear to be the only things in route. So I hide in the shadows and pray that my true self never…

Dating Blog By On September 22, 2016

The First Lesson I Learned While Dating

I actually learned a few lessons from the first guy who took me out (it gets confusing if I say I dated him because he was never my boyfriend, we just went on dates for a month or two). I’ve decided to nickname him Liar since most of what I’ve learned from him has to do with lies and betrayal….