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Uncategorized By On October 14, 2017

Let’s Showcase Your Blog!

Hey fellow bloggers! I’m interested in reblogging any articles from any blogs that write about dating, poetry, or just some good old fashion life advice! So feel free to tag me on one of your articles, comment here. or go to my contact page so I know which post you want reblogged! Make sure to mention the phrase “Project LoveFest”…

Poetry By On July 15, 2017

Summer, Shining and Stolen

And I still think about you back when, when you used to be my shining knight Yes I still remember all those summer nights Stolen kisses and secret stares with you I forgot about all my cares and I wonder if you still think about me too do you remember everything we’ve been through   -April 2014

Poetry By On July 8, 2017

It’s You

When times get hard and I’m losing myself It’s you that pulls me back on my feet Showing me that life can be sweet And when my world is dark It is you that’s the spark And every time I fall It’s you that carries me through it all   -March 2012 PC

Poetry By On June 16, 2017

Our First Night Out

Baby your just one move away from making me love you I don’t know what it is but I just love what you do And youre looking so good from across the room If you come closer I’ll play wife and you can play groom There’s gotta be more to us than just tonight theres more to life than just…

Poetry By On March 6, 2017

Love the Artist not the Art

Im not a painting, a gallery, nor a museum. My textures are not on for display, you do not have permission to touch. My colors are not for you to stare and talk about. I’m not something you visit or pass by. Don’t delude yourself into thinking I’m something easy to leave Only a fool loves something for the way it…

Uncategorized By On October 30, 2016

Halloween Costume 2016

Can anyone guess who I was for Halloween this year?!     IT’S TINA BELCHER FROM BOB’S BURGERS!! And of course, a family photo from the rest of the Belcher family (minus Gene).   I’ll leave you all with a few of Tina’s most memorable lines! She’s one funny gal! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween Weekend! I could go…