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Poetry By On May 31, 2020

Never There

Your hearts so soft I feel like I could break it with one touch. But it bounces back  as if I was never there at all.

Poetry By On May 15, 2020


I want to call you baby I want to wear your shirt to bed. I want you to hang out with my family. I want you to take me  to the new restaurant downtown. I want to cheer you on  at your hockey games. I want more than I planned.   -March 2020

Poetry By On August 18, 2017

Dagger in My Heart

You talk about her and it’s not the dagger in my heart I thought it would be. Still aimed in my direction it whispers right past my ear, the dagger of self doubt. If it’s your true love I’ll gladly lay down in defeat but you speak with lust and I can’t reason your insecurities this time. There’s a line…

Poetry By On December 26, 2016

Not a Damsel

I’m not asking you to be my shinning knight but you should treat me better and start acting right. I don’t need saving, in fact I do just fine on my own So if you want me in your life then you gotta grow up. I could be good for you if you let me but you’re too scared I’ll…