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Poetry By On February 19, 2019

Feeling Alive

Now I’m feeling crazy good You cant have me boy, but you wish you could Finally living for myself and feeling alive Here’s a cheers to those wasted years Go ahead and cry your stupid tears I’m done with you trying to make my heart bleed This is goodbye, say hello to the new life I lead   -2011

Poetry By On August 10, 2018


Put the bottle down and take a sip off my lips You don’t need that smoke, my kiss will be your favorite drug Not jamison on your breathe but my name on your tongue Catch a buzz from the way my body moves Take a shot of my love And get drunk off my laugh. I’ll be the best high…

Poetry By On August 9, 2017

Tequila on the Line

well it’s been a rough week and I’m rather thirsty tonight so I’m gunna call up my girls and we’ll tear up the night I didn’t call to say I missed you I didn’t call to say I love you I don’t want you back I don’t want your body lying next to mine no I didn’t call you up…

Poetry By On November 27, 2016

Stuck on You

Maybe one day I’ll finally get good at getting over you But until then I’ll have another drink while I listen to another song that reminds me of you I’ll drive by your house again and read through old phone conversations Oh cause one day you wont cross my mind But until then I’m still at this bar, stuck on…