Third Collection Release Date

I’ll be releasing my third poetry collection in a month on July 16th!!

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If I’m honest, I let this collection sit for a long time and I could have had it gone 6 months ago. But I’m very happy with the end result and I hope you will be too!

If you’re interested in an eARC, please reach out to me at ddateable@gmail !!

Let me tell you a little about the collection!!


Titled: Even the Leaves

Synopsis: Even the Leaves fell for you, so how could you except me not to?

This collection explores how Mother Nature nurtures and shapes us through every part of our lives. This collection expresses relationships with family, partners, and yourself through aspects of nature such flowers and mountains, seasons and months, animals, and bodies of water. Nature is a medium that connects us all. 


Length: 67 pages

Release Date: July 22nd

Available on Amazon !



You have shaped me.

I am brash to combat your meekness.

Your strength is so quiet 

I sometimes discredit its perseverance.

Mine is hot and loud.

But there are times the flames 

can dwindle so low

I’m not even sure they’re even there.

Even so, I’ve made sure your silence 

will never be in my library of responses.

You give the love you weren’t shown

You’re obnoxious 

Shouting for the attention

Your momma never gave you growing up.

You are not your sisters.

Parenting is not a one size fits all.

You were sensitive and destructive.

So you give out the love you never got

because you never want your love 

to be questioned like your 12 year old thoughts 

The Family You Found

You weren’t close to family by blood

but you found brothers young

who still surround you to this day.


You pledged to brotherhood in college

and choose a career where you stand

in a line full of brothers in blue.


You’re the most resourceful 

and willful man I know. 

You could let me be your family too.