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Poetry By On July 19, 2019

A Heart’s Truth

All this time I thought you didn’t need me But now I’m gone and you’re telling me, You’re still in love. All this time that passed by and I’m doing fine without you. But now you’re telling me, You miss me But oh, my heart doesn’t agree with what you’re telling me.

Poetry By On July 5, 2019

A Stubborn Heart

No matter how stern you try to be with your heart Her desires are much more stubborn and in a battle of wills She will always win.   -Feb 2019

Poetry By On August 31, 2018

I Don’t Know How to Handle Missing You

A moment alone and my thoughts lead me straight to you And my heart breaks over and over again How can anyone else can handle this pain in their chest? I want to write about you But i’ve already cried too much today I think about you And it’s like i’m reliving it all over again Cant even write the…

Poetry By On July 17, 2018

My Muse

I wish i could write songs about your love And sculpt marble into the shape of your softness And paint you into the brightest colors. It’s selfish for an artist with you as her muse To keep you all to herself. You deserve to be adored by thousands and to be remembered well beyond your years.   -May 2018

Poetry By On February 4, 2018

Forest Fire

You talk about her and it lights a forest fire of destruction in my heart my immediate reaction is to mention him so you might feel a lick of the pain I’m in. It doesn’t make it any better when you speak ill of her with so much emotion in your voice, i can still feel her claws deep in…

Poetry By On December 19, 2017

My Sun

I can’t help but gravitate to her So sweet, she has me on a sugar high So beautiful, surely I’ll go blind. I’d do anything for that girl.   I never thought I’d find someone so perfect for me She’s the North Star I’ll follow through even the roughest storm the Religion I’d kneel before and pray to everyday One…

Poetry By On September 21, 2017

Your Galaxy

I still think about you time from time And the Galaxy inside your mind Beautiful and breathe taking, I’ll never understand all it’s wonders. Is there a star out there that still shines for me? Does it glide across the sky like your pen on a page? Or has it exploded into dust like we did, just empty space now….

Poetry By On August 18, 2017

Dagger in My Heart

You talk about her and it’s not the dagger in my heart I thought it would be. Still aimed in my direction it whispers right past my ear, the dagger of self doubt. If it’s your true love I’ll gladly lay down in defeat but you speak with lust and I can’t reason your insecurities this time. There’s a line…

Poetry By On August 15, 2017

Slick and Pulsing

Perhaps you have a heart It’s just hidden and protected.. and not for me. I know you can feel mine pulsing in your hand as I try to give it to you. But your hands are slick with thoughts of her. Does she quake for you.. like I do. -May 2017  

Poetry By On August 9, 2017

Tequila on the Line

well it’s been a rough week and I’m rather thirsty tonight so I’m gunna call up my girls and we’ll tear up the night I didn’t call to say I missed you I didn’t call to say I love you I don’t want you back I don’t want your body lying next to mine no I didn’t call you up…