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Poetry By On June 15, 2018

The Best You’ll Ever Have

You can never find better than me No one who would make your blood rush like I do No one to make your heart burst like I do No one to lift you higher than the clouds like i do No one to find home in like my heart -May 2018

Poetry By On June 1, 2018

The Sound My Heart Makes As You Break It

My body shaking Stumbling onto earth shattering heartbreak, My heart beating so fast I’m afraid it might break loose from my ribcage and run from the pain storming in. My throat closing up please don’t say the words to make these lies true.   -May 2018

Poetry By On January 17, 2018

Bobby Pins

Blonde Bobby pins litter my black dresser like stars across tonight’s chilled autumn sky. Another reminder that she is truly mine kissed her for hours because I hate goodbyes. I joke around about all the things she leaves at my place but my love grows for her and she keeps filling up the space in my heart so she is…

Poetry By On December 19, 2017

My Sun

I can’t help but gravitate to her So sweet, she has me on a sugar high So beautiful, surely I’ll go blind. I’d do anything for that girl.   I never thought I’d find someone so perfect for me She’s the North Star I’ll follow through even the roughest storm the Religion I’d kneel before and pray to everyday One…

Poetry By On September 19, 2017

Your House

I used to pass by your house praying that you weren’t home but hoping for a little piece of you. It’s been months and I had forgotten all about that route I know we wouldn’t have worked out anyway and nothing’s changed now but I just want to see that front door one more time -April 2017

Poetry By On September 9, 2017

My First Scar

Maybe I’m so angry at you because you remind me of him. And I’m mad at myself for being the fool yet again for not valuing myself like I deserve. But it’s easier to blame you than to face myself I can just leave you instead of fixing me I was so innocent and open when his dismissal slashed through…