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Dating Blog By On October 30, 2018

How to Find your Boo for the Night

Halloween is the perfect time to cut loose and have some fun! It’s a night you’ve planned with your friends and have spent weeks finding the right costume. Now it’s time to find the right boo! It’s empowering and can be a good way to escape the regular day to day stress to spend the night with someone.   The…

Poetry By On October 23, 2018

Should I Worry About Losing You?

I only wanted to feel close to you again Because my insecurities keep getting the best of me And I know it wouldn’t be fair To treat you like a convicted man So I keep my mouth shut And my softest thoughts open.   -October 2018+

Poetry By On November 4, 2017

Untrusting Monsters

Insecurity and doubt are monsters that live in my head. I introduced you to them last night in bed but I’m sure I’m not the first girl of yours to do that. Are there any alarms going off inside your head that think I’m just a different brand of crazy? An apology scraps the inside of my mouth but the…

Dating Blog By On November 2, 2017

How I Nearly Sabotaged My Relationship

You might have thought that the fact that I now have a Boyfriend would solve the question of if I’m dateable or not. Well, I think the Jury might still be out on that one because Fun Fact – you can still try to ruin your love life whether you’re casually dating or married! I’ve spoken about my intimacy issues…

Poetry By On October 30, 2017

History says I’ll end us

We’ve started something so pure and good here I’m scared I’ll ruin it The same way I usually do with all the others before you I’m so scared of being vulnerable Of getting hurt Of opening up to you only to be disgarded So I’ll push you away before Id let you in Find some reason that this can’t work…

Poetry By On October 28, 2017

Is it Okay that I Observe You so Carefully?

I’m memorizing every piece of you I don’t mean to scare you or be rude they just keep me company while you are gone. I can play back a moment or conversation and you go from my mind to right in front of my eyes. You joke that in a few years I might forget you but your scent will…

Poetry By On November 21, 2016


My hearts fine, it just needs a little glue Everythings alright, No thanks to you.   -April 2012 Photo Credit

Dating Blog By On November 1, 2016

Comfort in the Distance

So I’ve mentioned Stubborn before and I can definitely agree to telling any girl that if a guy doesn’t put in the effort to take you on dates then he’s not into you and you gotta forget him. People rarely take their own advice though. I’m comfortable where I am with Stubborn. You know in kindergarten when you’re learning about personal…