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Poetry By On February 2, 2018

I’m Selfish

I swear I am all you’ll ever need You’ll never think of another woman again Your thoughts will be consumed with your desire for me. All day long you’ll be thinking of everything you want to tell me And how it would be better if I was there with you. There will never be another love like mine Our lives…

Poetry By On January 29, 2018

Things I Wish I Didn’t Know

I know you love me You love me more than you’ve ever loved anyone else But I know I’m not the first in your arms And I can hear how she sweet talked you How the heat of her body warmed your blood How she sang into your ear like you two were the only ones in the crowd The…

Poetry By On January 27, 2018

The Parasite

I’m not sure why you still talk about her Can’t you see that it hurts me? You haven’t spoken to her in months but yet Here she is again in our conversation In your mind and in mine I feel like she has a permanent place inside of you Inside our relationship. I feel crazy for not being able to…