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Poetry By On October 26, 2020

Take More

Its always worse at night baby Always hate to be apart baby Wish you would be mine baby Wish you would take more  than just my time baby.   -May 2020

Poetry By On November 23, 2017


We kiss, we laugh I dive deep into your soul you lay your head on my chest and crack me open so I ache for you. You feel so familiar like our souls have met before. Perhaps even fell in love like we’re doing now with gentle hands, shared breathe, and vulnerable whispers.

Poetry By On October 4, 2017

I’m a Fish out of Water

On a bench you put your arm around my shoulder with your thumb tracing the intimate touch on the back of my neck the soft lapping of water as it kisses the dock cocoons us in this moment I watch my fingers dance from your hip to your knee were both building up the courage to go after what we…

Poetry By On October 2, 2017

The Feel of You

I love the way you feel that’s why I’m on full body contact press the way your lips flutter up the side of my neck and the fire when your teeth sink into my bottom lip your hand caressing my collar bone before digging into the thick of my hair my hands move like clockwork from your hips to your…

Poetry By On March 8, 2017


 Kiss me hard Kiss me good Kiss me like you know you should Craving you like I’ve been trapped underground for 7 years And you’re the harsh sunlight in my eyes I need you so bad even if you end up killing me   You’re sitting across the table from me And my hands flex because all I want to…