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Dating Blog / Poetry By On December 30, 2017

DD’s 2017 Highlights

As 2017 comes to a close I thought I might bring back some posts through the year in case you missed them or they were so good you wanted to read them again 😉 Articles Top 10: When to Say No Loving Love When is it Time to take a Break from Dating? Don’t Worry You’re Not as Desperate as…

Dating Blog By On October 26, 2017

The Dating Curse -Part Two

Months ago I wrote about my dating curse with having relationships end as soon as I deleted my dating apps. I combatted this curse while dating my boyfriend by just deleting the apps after our second date. This way, I couldn’t blame the apps if things didn’t work out. The second curse I forgot to mention is my 7 week…

Poetry By On September 19, 2017

Your House

I used to pass by your house praying that you weren’t home but hoping for a little piece of you. It’s been months and I had forgotten all about that route I know we wouldn’t have worked out anyway and nothing’s changed now but I just want to see that front door one more time -April 2017

Poetry By On September 15, 2017


I’ve been gone for a year now Isn’t it time to finally let me go? you’re so needy for attention but I had nothing to do with who you decided to love You know I deserve more than just sleepless conversation Men gift me with their time and effort You know I deserve more than you She loves you like…

Dating Blog By On September 11, 2017

In the Eye of the Beholder

Life has a sense of humor and I couldn’t help but chuckle when both my exes texted me asking for relationship advice. I’m not exactly sure why they wanted my opinion and it was a bit of an awkward position to be in, but nevertheless I’m always rooting for love to win. It was odd listening to Stubborn anxiously debating…

Poetry By On September 9, 2017

My First Scar

Maybe I’m so angry at you because you remind me of him. And I’m mad at myself for being the fool yet again for not valuing myself like I deserve. But it’s easier to blame you than to face myself I can just leave you instead of fixing me I was so innocent and open when his dismissal slashed through…

Poetry By On September 7, 2017

Do You Even Know What You Want?

You’ve chosen her and I can’t blame the heart for what it wants But is it everything you thought it would be? Or do you find you thoughts slipping to me? First love is hard to beat I don’t wish to be the girl fighting a one sided battle that can’t be won. Maybe loving me would have been too…

Dating Blog By On September 5, 2017

Second Choice

I’ve talked before about ways to know if you’re wasting your time on a guy or not. These guys, for a variety of reasons, are emotionally unavailable. Of course, it’s never so black and white, instead he’s more open and available some weeks or some nights and you think you’ve finally gotten through to him. And then he’s back to…

Poetry By On September 3, 2017

Time With You (A Pantoum)

I’m just asking for a little more time just a few more days with you in my mind It’s hard to let you go here I go again acting like you were ever mine. just a few more days with you in my mind I lie to myself, something I learned from you here I go again acting like you…