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Poetry By On October 28, 2017

Is it Okay that I Observe You so Carefully?

I’m memorizing every piece of you I don’t mean to scare you or be rude they just keep me company while you are gone. I can play back a moment or conversation and you go from my mind to right in front of my eyes. You joke that in a few years I might forget you but your scent will…

Dating Blog By On October 26, 2017

The Dating Curse -Part Two

Months ago I wrote about my dating curse with having relationships end as soon as I deleted my dating apps. I combatted this curse while dating my boyfriend by just deleting the apps after our second date. This way, I couldn’t blame the apps if things didn’t work out. The second curse I forgot to mention is my 7 week…

Dating Blog By On October 19, 2017

Is Online Dating Embarrassing?

The date had gone well and he was walking me to my car when instead of asking about our second date he says “we gotta start thinking about what we’re going to tell people about how we met”. Honestly, I was a little taken back. Should I be offended? Is he embarrassed of me? about how we met? Of course,…

Dating Blog By On October 12, 2017

I Finally Got a Boyfriend!

So if you read my Liebster Award post back in August, I kind of let it slip that I recently got a new boyfriend!! (which by the way, is such a weird way to say that, it sounds like I just brought one from the store or something…) He’s also Dater #4 ( the good kisser lol) from Back in…