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Dating Blog By On September 5, 2018

10 Ticking Time Bombs in a Relationship

Keeping a relationship going is hard work and there are a number of traps you and your significant other can slip into. CEO from 1 Code Hub asked me what are some issues that could cause future break ups and I’m here with some answers! Lack of communication   I’ve answered before that communication is the most important part of…

Poetry By On October 10, 2017

In Your Car

I stare at your hand as you drive butterflies crawling up my throat I know you dangle your hand between us as a silent invitation for me so sweet but yet still I’m scared because I’ve been turned away and left behind enough to mar my skin in burning scars. But you break through my thoughts and these aged walls…

Poetry By On February 10, 2017

Risky Love

Even though I understand it, the distance still hurts. scared of vulnerability, scared of abandonment. I’m scared too, but either we try or say we never knew. Love is always risky, that doesn’t mean it won’t pay off.   -November 2016