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Poetry By On February 2, 2018

I’m Selfish

I swear I am all you’ll ever need You’ll never think of another woman again Your thoughts will be consumed with your desire for me. All day long you’ll be thinking of everything you want to tell me And how it would be better if I was there with you. There will never be another love like mine Our lives…

Dating Blog By On January 11, 2018

Dating App Run Through

Tinder – probably got its fame by becoming notoriously known as the Hook Up App. No reason to spend time writing up a bio or putting up more than one picture, minimally effort required to Netflix and Chill. People also use Tinder as an ego boost, racking up as many matches as possible without ever messaging anyone. A game to…

Poetry By On December 5, 2017

I Love That Smile

Chest to chest, cheek to cheek I see that spark in your eye that let’s me know you’re up to no good. The corner of your lips hold a secret that I want to coax out with the tip of my tongue. Your fingers trace up my spine. You taste so good I can’t help but sink my teeth into…

Dating Blog By On November 9, 2017

Modern Online Dating Etiquette

Times have definitely changed when it comes to dating and it’s time these dating rules get an update. No more waiting three days to call nor footing every bill to the male. We’re strong, independent women who no longer need a man…still we want him. In a previous post, I briefly mentioned this guy who would talk about his other…

Poetry By On September 13, 2017

I Outgrew You

There is no ghost of you in my bed He left to fill her sheets just like you did So don’t hit me up late night wanting me to fix you You choose your words carefully Every line directed at her Peppered with your vulnerable desire I am not her stand in, I am not your second choice. -June 2017

Dating Blog By On August 29, 2017

What Male Dating Profiles are Doing Wrong

Some guys might be wondering if there’s anything wrong with their profiles that are causing the lack in lady traffic or responses. Since I’ve been browsing profiles for a few years now I believe I have seen just about everything and might be able to point out some improvements. Don’t: The profile that only has group pictures. I understand if…

Poetry By On January 20, 2017

Touching You

I’d hold your hand trace my finger along the crook of your elbow to the curve of your shoulder the hills and valley of your chest the slope of your neck to the tussles of your soft, cinnamon hair.   -November 2016 Photo Credit  

Poetry By On December 24, 2016

Ways to Put out a Fire

I hope these tears will be enough to drown this burning in my heart for you. Douse me in reality so I always remember our love was never true. Smother me in hatred for the way you treated me so I’ll never let that happen again Because this burning fire was making my heart go up in smoke. So please…

Poetry By On October 25, 2016

Back When

But the light hazes in this boundless bedroom and all I see is clingy, itchy ivy entrapping my wrist like regret imprisons my thoughts. I can’t take back this one night but still I pinch my eyes closed again back to the darkness.   Back when a dark haired man seemed like a good idea. Back when I felt brave…

Dating Blog By On September 13, 2016

Do You Date the Guy You Know You Won’t Marry?

If you’re in a crunch and don’t have time to read, the short answer is No.   I mean yes, sure you could date him as long as you both know the deal: that it will eventually end so that you can each marry someone else (if you happen to choose that marriage is for you). But that leads to…