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Poetry By On August 21, 2019

You never told me anything

The Truth   You should have told me you didn’t want me. You should have told me I’m here to pass time. You should have told me you’re sorry. You should have told me your heart still belongs to her.     The Lies   You should have told me you want to see me. You should have told me…

Dating Blog By On June 13, 2018

Getting Closure on a Past Relationship

If you all remember Stubborn from late 2016, I became fed up with his lack of willingness to progress our relationship and decided to cut my losses in order to move forward.  Months into my current relationship and he was still hitting me up a couple of times. We never even dating! Granted he was contacting me to complain about…

Dating Blog By On September 11, 2017

In the Eye of the Beholder

Life has a sense of humor and I couldn’t help but chuckle when both my exes texted me asking for relationship advice. I’m not exactly sure why they wanted my opinion and it was a bit of an awkward position to be in, but nevertheless I’m always rooting for love to win. It was odd listening to Stubborn anxiously debating…

Dating Blog By On January 17, 2017

Do We Ever Stop Thinking About Our Exes?

I don’t know if it was the nostalgia of the holidays or what but I’ve been thinking about my two ‘exes’ a lot. That’s actual total BS, it wasn’t the holidays because every time I hear a loud truck engine I think of Mr. Romantic and Stubborn’s favorite season is Fall so I thought about him and now it’s the…

Poetry By On December 15, 2016

Needed to Know

It was the lack of effort that told me all I needed to know. I was in this all alone. You had given up a long time ago.   -October 2016 Photo Credit

Dating Blog By On December 11, 2016

The 35 Thoughts You Have When You See Your Ex on a Dating App

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I don’t really have an ex. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll still know exactly whom I’m talking about.   WHAAATTTT??!!? Let me message him, “WASSUP FUCKER” But what if he ‘liked’ me back, what does that mean? What will he think if I ‘like’ his page…? FUCK, I’m thinking about this…

Dating Blog By On December 3, 2016

Step Up or Step Away

So there was this girl and her friend introduced her to this guy. And they would talk all night, every night. They went on dates all the time, their favorite being the movie theater. They dated for a few months but it was still pretty new when friends of the girl started hearing that the guy was still talking to…

Dating Blog By On November 23, 2016

A Few Rules to Help You Keep Your High Standards

I imagine if you’re a male and you read this article, you might feel a little bit misunderstood and let me just say I am not talking about you. This is for all the immature boys who don’t want to commit to the girl they’re stringing along. For the past year, my standards have been the perfect height (for new…

Dating Blog By On November 15, 2016

The Update

I hope most of you are reading this because you read yesterday’s blog post and decided to check back for the update! He said… No to me but I said… Yes (to myself)! The first time I ask it’s still kind of vague. I ask if he’ll take me out some time this month. I don’t really say where, when,…

Dating Blog By On November 14, 2016

What’s the Worst that Could Happen? He Says No?

Some days, I’m comfortable with this half –in, half –out relationship with Stubborn. Other days, I’m at my wits end with it and want to give up now and cut my losses. So why am I not willing to rock the boat? Right now the most I’m even willing to ask him is to run errands, grab coffee, or just hang…