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Dating Blog By On July 8, 2020

How can I trust myself to pick the right guy?

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been on tons of first dates. More than any person would ever want to, I’m sure. I kept going on first dates though because I was ‘picky’. I needed a palpable connection and a list of criteria to be met. It was meaningless first date after first date when I finally met my long…

Dating Blog By On August 6, 2018

Working on Your Jealousy in a Relationship

Since jealousy usually pops up when someone outside your relationship is seemingly getting close to your significant other, most people would believe jealousy is about your SO or the other person. But it’s time you face the music and realize jealousy nearly every time is all about you. Jealousy only really pops up when there are issues of self esteem,…

Poetry By On October 10, 2017

In Your Car

I stare at your hand as you drive butterflies crawling up my throat I know you dangle your hand between us as a silent invitation for me so sweet but yet still I’m scared because I’ve been turned away and left behind enough to mar my skin in burning scars. But you break through my thoughts and these aged walls…

Poetry By On November 8, 2016

Even the Moon has Wreckage

  I’m always testing the ones who love me even though the number is few. Sweet words are so foreign I don’t trust them to be true. I have scars that tell stories and stories that tell scars. The dark does not scare me greeting each other like old friends. No one understands me better.   But this darkness has…

Poetry By On October 25, 2016

Back When

But the light hazes in this boundless bedroom and all I see is clingy, itchy ivy entrapping my wrist like regret imprisons my thoughts. I can’t take back this one night but still I pinch my eyes closed again back to the darkness.   Back when a dark haired man seemed like a good idea. Back when I felt brave…

Poetry By On October 22, 2016


I’d always moved at my own pace used to the voices in my ear always trying to budge me from my stubborn ways. Stuck in routine, comforted by the familiar and unchanging.   Now as I comb my fingers through her soft chestnut hair and we say ‘I do’ I finally feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be….

Dating Blog By On September 22, 2016

The First Lesson I Learned While Dating

I actually learned a few lessons from the first guy who took me out (it gets confusing if I say I dated him because he was never my boyfriend, we just went on dates for a month or two). I’ve decided to nickname him Liar since most of what I’ve learned from him has to do with lies and betrayal….