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Poetry By On April 29, 2019

But Here We Are

You weren’t supposed to love me. I wasn’t supposed to care You weren’t supposed to hold me I wasn’t supposed to be wishing you were here. You weren’t supposed to break me down I wasn’t supposed to let you in But here we are and I never want to be anywhere else.     -2012  

Poetry By On April 22, 2019

No One was You

I ended up with a boy who threw rocks at my window And next came a singer who wrote songs about me. somewhere in the middle came, a knight to save me and I even had a lover to hold me But I never got what I needed because… I need someone to hold me close at night Someone to…

Poetry By On August 17, 2018

Then to Now

I can’t believe That the months have gone by And the passion still rages Like our first week together. The electric jitters have been replaced With knowing stares and secret smiles. Second date or 522nd your hand still falls on my lap in the car. So many firsts have been shared But my love for you still feels brand new…

Poetry By On May 30, 2017

Breaking in the Silence

I loved the way you wore your baseball cap and the way you spoke my name we were best friends and you knew exactly what to say to make my heart smile but it was the words you never said that made my heart break you havent the slightest clue of how much I love you But baby I beg,…