The Rinky DINK Life Guest Post

Hey everyone!

I wrote a guest post on the Rinky DINK life blog!

It’s awesome getting to work with other bloggers, expanding my portfolio, and showing you all another side of me.

Check out my guest article and the rest of the blog!

3 thoughts on “The Rinky DINK Life Guest Post”

  1. Wow. Great article… and very interesting site. And I had no idea you were childfree too. But I can relate to this article so much as I’m often in the same boat. It’s hard enough for me to find a date as it is, so when it comes to me not wanting kids I just keep mum about that shit. Otherwise I’m shooting myself in the foot. The couple of times I dared to broach the subject, the evening went rapidly downhill.

    I’m surprised that guys would argue with you about it. In fact, one girl I dated told me her childfree friend had trouble finding someone because of it. That did not compute for me. Maybe I’m being overly cynical, but I always thought that most guys really DON’T want kids. Therefore they should be all over her like flies on honey. That was one of the big attractions to my ex – never married/no kids/didn’t want kids? I thought I hit the goddamn jackpot. Does it really shrink your dating pool that much, though? As a guy, I can’t imagine that.

    Anyway – speaking of guest posts, you’ve got mail…

    1. It sucks to have to keep quiet about it bc then you waste both of each other’s time with dates and getting to know each other when you don’t have a future together.

      The common thing among guys Ive talked to is that if they’re 26 or younger than they refuse to think about kids until they’re 35. But they do kind of assume that they will turn 35 and magically become dads bc thats just how life is supposed to go right..? Its hard bc not all CF guys nearby are on dating apps and especially not on CF dating sites so its much harder to find them.

      1. Interesting. And I didn’t even know there were CF dating sites. Then again, why should I be surprised? They have dating sites for everything else these days. But that’s what sucks about dating at this age. Wanting/not wanting kids is an issue when it wouldn’t have been if I was dating in my early 20s.

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