I Outgrew You

There is no ghost of you in my bed

He left to fill her sheets just like you did

So don’t hit me up late night wanting me to fix you

You choose your words carefully

Every line directed at her

Peppered with your vulnerable desire

I am not her stand in, I am not your second choice.

-June 2017

9 thoughts on “I Outgrew You”

  1. “I am not her stand in, I am not your second choice.” Great line! This is related to the post in which you talk about your ex asking you for relationship advice, right?
    Sometimes, I find that it is helpful to ask various people from my life (present and past) about me. Why did they perceive me a certain way, what was good, what was back. Certain feedback, I guess, when I feel like improving myself. However, you would need to be really good friends (which you don’t seem to be) to have him talk to you about another girl as if you were his bestie.

    1. Yes it definitely is! I honestly forget which came first, the poem or the article lol.

      I still can’t really figure out why he was asking me for advice on when to text her and what to say! lol His friends know the history of him and the girl much better than I do so I’m baffled.
      I’ve always wanted to ask exes for feedback lol but I think they would all say different things because each relationship was different and they all have different perspectives and opinions. And the last thing I want to do is change myself based on some past guy’s opinion..

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