The Woman who Still Stands

I will not apologize for who I am

My sharp edges

My brutal honesty

My trust issues that push you away

I am not the same girl I once was

Abandonment has sanded me down

Hurt and disappointment have molded me

Through the vulnerable flames she has emerged

Weathered through every storm

She is what survived

She is the reason I’m alive

And for that I will never apologize.

-Aug 2017

11 thoughts on “The Woman who Still Stands”

  1. The context of this poem indicate birth to a new woman through the discomfort of overcoming pain, albeit with the prior version of that woman still existing alongside her. Perhaps the pain haunts her, or perhaps she simply serves as a reminder as to who she once was.

    1. Yes, its a regrowth, a transformation but it’s still the same woman. Sanded,molded, different but still the same core. I think the prior version might even find safety in this new version.

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