2 thoughts on “Are men ashamed of publicly dating full figured women?”

  1. I know several men who are quite braggy about dating full-figured women. They claim to enjoy every inch. One person said that he felt that thinner women were too prissy; which I later found out was a cover, after sensing he might be getting judged. Every girl friend he’s ever has is full-figured, and beautiful.

    When I was in my late teens I meet this beautiful full-figured lady who told me thin men preferred heavier women. It’s kinda like tall me preferring shorter women, blonds or red heads. When I’ve noticed since, I think she may have been on to something. Boys may feel they have to lie to their locker room buddies, but the grown men I know are much more truthful about their preferences; especially since their preferences never seem to change.

    i have a girlfriend whose husband has always chided her about being over weight; which is different then what I believe a curvaceous full-figured women to be. Yet, they’ve been married for 25 years. He is thin by the way or used to be.

    A full-figured women is curvy in all the right places. I believe that men like this, and may weather any storm to get close to women with these features. As some have told me, they like being kept warm at night, wrapped in flesh. Go figure!

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