Drunk on You

I know you hide parts of yourself from me

deep down at the bottom of a bottle

The ones you find unlovable and ugly

But those are the ones I want to see the most.

Don’t drown your monsters out

Trust me to hold your vulnerability gently

I will not let it shatter like a beer bottle hitting concrete.


9 thoughts on “Drunk on You”

  1. I love this !!! Also just wanna say thanks for liking my post .. started back blogging after a long while and tryna build my traffic back up and was losing up but your like gave me hope 🙏🏻

  2. I confess, at sometimes I am not able to handle the ugly truth. And yet I want to know because the unknown gives me a feeling of uncertainty….

  3. Amazing… you capture so many thoughts and feelings in but a little space…in the purest of words which resonate with every soul… love all the pics and images you choose and select so appropriate and beautiful

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