Hey Everyone!

Now that you know I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together a few months, maybe you’d like to hear from him yourselves! So I’m thinking The Boyfriend could do a Q&A in a month answering any and all of your questions!

So leave a comment or go to my contact page to ask your question! (And let me know if you’d want to be anonymous or if I can link your blog!)

Talk soon!

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  1. Be sure we don’t scare him off 😉
    My question: “How do you feel about your gf blogging about you and your relationship? (Do you read what she writes? Approve/ edit?)”

  2. I was totally going to ask the question about how he feels about the blog! It’s why I’ve gone anonymous – I got feedback that the people was dating hated both the fact that I was an open book as well as fearing that they’d be the subject of a future post. I wonder if he has read the old posts; if so, what does he think and if not, what made him refrain from doing so?

    So as an alternative; what do you think made you stand out from the crowd and secure official boyfriend status?

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