I am not looking for a savior

I don’t want nor need you to fix me

I only wish for your love to inspire me to see my own light

Then I can finally stop stitching my wounds up blindly

No longer feeling around in the darkness

Poking myself endlessly with the needle thread.

Once sew up, I will apply bandages as to not pick at healing scabs

You only need to apply soothing love and support.

I will save myself.


-Sept 2017

13 thoughts on “I am not looking for a savior”

  1. While I admire your courage, your bravery caries the actions of a selfish woman.
    If it were by my hands, I would take the needle and stitch you up myself.
    Applying the light of love to guide such movements.
    No more poking, no more scabs, no more bandages.
    No more temptations to pick at your wounds.
    Some might say I have a hero complex – that the actions of bravery present me as a selfish man to those I support.

    Let me save you.

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