Monthly Advice Column!

Hello Readers!

Hope everyone’s New Year is starting off well! Some new things going on for DD in 2018 is the start of a monthly advice column!!

I was trying to find some type of website like form spring (remember that? lol) to help with anonymity but I haven’t found anything yet. Of course, feel free to leave a comment, go to my contact page, or social media pages in order to write in your question or situation that you need love advice on!

Starts next month!

6 thoughts on “Monthly Advice Column!”

    1. Yeah exactly like in the newspapers! Lol I’m trying to figure out a clever name like that but nothing’s hit me yet lol. I think I’m going to just see what questions i get. Obviously it’s in theme of relationship problems but i haven’t gotten more specific than that yet

  1. People write in to an agony aunt in a newspaper with their questions or problems and they provide an answer and advice and it’s printed in the newspaper.

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