Dead Branches

These thoughts rotting inside my head are not my own

I know that and yet I cannot stop thinking them.

I’m sorry it’s not just the two of us in this relationship.

Thank you for being patient and kind

the gentle hand to soothe my worries away.

Even as I sway, I always stay rooted in you.

And I will cut the dead branches that weigh us down.

9 thoughts on “Dead Branches”

        1. People with mental health issues usually have an internal battle of trying to figure out how they’re actually feeling vs if their mental health is causing them to feel such a way. So there would be some people who will argue that they are not their mental health disorder

          1. I respect that. However, while I think it’s commendable that you don’t want your mental troubles to define you (good job on that), I believe that it is a part of you.

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