3 Month Blogger Break Made me a Better Blogger

I don’t think i wrote a blog post in 2018 until now. I had a great writing streak back in August and had been heavily relying on that stack of scheduled posts since then. But without new content to replenish, that stack dwindled. In February, I really started to strongly consider going to self hosting. But with my writer’s block and dwindling content I became disheartened. In March, I took a big step back. My calender of posting every other day turned into spacing the few posts I had left to every 4-5 days. My pageviews dropped by the hundreds and I didn’t even properly dress my posts with featured images, backlinks, and tags.

I told myself I was taking the month to write again and build up content but the weeks passed by with no pen to paper. The last week of the month I convinced myself again that I would go self hosting before the week was up. That lit a fire under me since I wanted the new site to have the chance to be successful. Within a few days I completed 10 new blog articles!

I also dedicated the next weekend to starting the self hosting site and figuring out the tasks I needed to get done to make it functional and presentable. Once that was complete I turned to Pinterest, Canva, and TailWind in order to help get my pageviews back and combat the loss from the WordPress.com community.

I’m back to having a solid 6 weeks of content scheduled ahead and feeling more professional with my own domain and creating marketing ads. I’m learning a ton from self hosting and feel like a badass every time i successfully add HTML coding.

I have all gone full force on Pinterest by working on Canva, joining share boards, and utilizing Tailwind.

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