Social Sundays!

Hey Everyone!! I’d like to invite you all to share you blog and social media pages in the comments below so that you can connect with fellow bloggers!


My socials:



Cracked Open Poetry Book


Enjoy your Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Social Sundays!”

  1. This is a great idea! I’m Julie and I write about love and travel (which sometimes intermingle) 😉 Thanks for the opp to connect! I can be found at and @juliebrose

  2. Love your blog.

    Is my blog I have a range of things I write about but generally it’s just about life and things I read and whatever is going on at the time.

    bpacey77 is my instagram and Twitter
    I also have a Facebook page Pace of Mind Blog.

  3. What a great idea!! I’m Karlie and I’m a travel & lifestyle blogger. I can’t wait to connect with the others on this thread! 😊
    Insta: @TheWanderingNobody
    Twitter: @WanderingNobody

  4. Oh, hi everybody and thank you Debatably Dateable! I write on a variety of topics (by variety, I mean 5: Dating, depression, writing, sobriety, and sales).

    Here is my latest blog post about depression inspired by JFK Jr. and Dirk Diggler.

    My Facebook Page is:


  5. Great idea! I’ve been writing about online dating and fertility at 37 as a still single gal with type 1 diabetes 😁👍🏻

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